The Importance Of Sleep

Have you been getting less sleep every night? Whether you’re working late, playing video games or binge watching TV, sleeping fewer hours every night will affect your sex life, weight, mood and health. Getting a great night’s sleep is also so vital for staying young and active.

sleeping like a baby

How To Sleep Like A Baby?

Here are the benefits of sleep and why it is important for everyone.

Our 8 Reasons Why Sleep Is So Important

• Improving Your Health

Of course, getting the right amount of sleep every night will not guarantee ultimate immunity from disease. However, lack of sleep has been found to increase the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and many more illnesses. The risks might become serious after many years but some conditions such as diabetes might become prevalent after a few days.

• Improving Your Sex Life

Many people have a poor sex life because they are too tired because of lack of sleep. Men are likely going to suffer from low testosterone levels because of poor sleeping patterns. If you’re always working late and getting fewer hours of sleep every night, your sex life will be negatively affected too.

• Reducing Chronic Pain

Do you suffer from a chronic pain condition? Did you recently get a painful injury? Well, researchers have identified that getting enough sleep will make it hurt less. Lack of sleep will reduce your pain threshold and it makes it even harder to sleep if you’re in severe pain.

• Reducing The Risk For Injury

Did you know that getting enough sleep will reduce your risk of getting an injury? Poor sleeping patterns or sleep deprivation has been the cause of numerous disasters such as vehicular accidents. Therefore, if you’re driving around, make sure you get enough sleep to avoid falling asleep on the wheel and getting into an accident.

• Improving Your Mood

Of course, sleeping the right amount of hours will not guarantee an improvement in your mood. However, sleeping fewer hours than required often makes you exhausted. As a result, you will be cranky the next morning and you might snap at everyone you interact with. Therefore, get enough sleep to remain relaxed the following day.

• Proper Weight Maintenance

Lack of proper sleep has been identified to be one of the main causes of obesity and gaining weight. That’s because if you’re too tired, you might have a hard time going for a jog or the exercise you need. Even worse, you will not have the strength to prepare a healthy meal rather you will opt for fast foods. Keep in mind that lack of proper sleep reduces the production of leptin, the hormone responsible for making your feel satisfied. Therefore, you’re likely going to eat more than you should thus making it harder to maintain your weight.

• Improving Your Mental Faculties

If you don’t sleep properly, you’re likely going to wake up feeling tired making it harder for you to think straight. Lack of sleep often affects your decision making, attention and cognition. If you’re sleep deprived, you will have a hard time solving math or logic problems and often end up making lots of mistakes. On the other hand, proper sleep will improve your memory. When you’re asleep, your brain is responsible for consolidating your memories from the previous day. Therefore, lack of sleep means that those memories will be lost forever.

• Improving Your Immunity

Did you know that you can prevent common cold by getting enough sleep? When you sleep for the required time, you will boost your immunity and prevent the risk of getting various illnesses.

How Can You Improve Your Sleeping Patterns?

Are you having a hard time getting proper sleep? First, you should create a good sleeping habit. You’re required to sleep for 8 or 9 hours to feel more relaxed. Therefore, set your alarm right and sleep early to make sure you get the maximum amount of sleep and force yourself to be in bed by the right time. Also, you need to switch off your screens such as the TV, smartphone or PC before going to sleep because they emit a blue light that might make it tougher for you to sleep comfortably. Alternatively, you can always opt to read a book or magazine that allows you to become drowsy and sleep. Finally, make sure your bedroom ambiance is good enough by installing dim lighting and also shades.

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